Caterham School Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Thu, 19 Sep 2019 12:38:56 +0000 OBBLM 0.96 Team news by General Hospital The Mirkwood Paper: After playing 5 games General Hospital is doing brilliantly with 4 wins under their belt but there are casualties. RIP Patient #3 and Patient #8. The rest of the team has been beaten up but stays alive You can visit our boys at the General Hospital. Let's show our support to these future corpses, I mean heroes. 2019-09-17 18:47:33 Match: Bucket Squad (0) vs. General Hospital (4) who on nicks team got mvp 2019-09-17 16:55:33 Match: Resistance is Futile for all Blood Bowl Coaches (0) vs. Bloxigor And Sons (3) Niro lost, 3-0 to the wrath of Bloxigor and Sons. It was close and intense, Niro got 4 caszes but Bloxigor and Sons got none! What a game to watch, with Bloxigor and Sons getting slightly emotional at the end, the crowd still loved it! Turn 16 and a Dead Saurus at No.6! May he rest in peace... 2019-09-17 16:36:32 Match: Resistance is Futile for all Blood Bowl Coaches (0) vs. General Hospital (2) The first half was wood elf domination defined. After a blitz as the kickoff event, the wood elves took possession of the ball in turn 2 and it was a slow progression up the pitch but the elves were able to score in turn 8 as the prophecy demands. Into the second half the elves were being kicked to and after a high kick and two turns of stalling, the wood elves started to move up the field and again the elves started to cage in the corner and stalled for 4 turns and scored in turn 8 and the MVP for the elves was Patient #10 and for the undead Blitz was the MVP. All in all it was a one sided game a some bad dice were made for the undead. Good game, Niro Silativ. 2019-09-10 16:32:23 Match: Bucket Squad (0) vs. Men in Black (4) 4-0 wipe by the darkies. No claw pombb Khorne chased a runner around the field and failed a 6 up dodge. 2019-09-10 16:08:27 Match: Bloxigor And Sons (2) vs. the Suicidal Sausage Eaters (0) Tough 1st half for the lizards with no rerolls, but No 12 Lil Sausage Roll made two 3 + to tear down the pitch with most of the Halflings stuck on the lizards half. The lack of Bloxigor made a difference but not a big one. In the 2nd half the halflings who had failed master chef completely were being torn apart, The lizards made it 2-0 and the lizards made a total of 6 injuries. TheAlbionWanderer 2 - 0 TheDementedOne 2019-09-10 15:49:31 Team news by Bloxigor And Sons Anybody who hasnt played a league game yet willing to play on tuesday. eg, Mr M, Matthew or Arthav 2019-09-06 19:33:07 Match: Resistance is Futile for all Blood Bowl Coaches (3) vs. the Suicidal Sausage Eaters (1) Niro Silativ, beat this Halfing team. Zach played well. But Niro played better. 2019-09-06 16:18:46 Match: In Tackle We Trust (6) vs. Footballerz (0) What happened? Pitch clear happened and the rest is history. 2019-09-06 16:12:28 Announcement by Mr M: ECBC Season is GO Friday 6 September 2019 ***ECBC Season 1 begins Friday 6 September*** Eleven seasoned coaches join the fray! Who will come out on top? Deadline: Easter holiday. Good luck! 2019-09-04 19:01:02 Team news by Resistance is Futile for all Blood Bowl Coaches Resistance is Futile By.... 2019-09-03 19:40:28 Team news by Resistance is Futile for all Blood Bowl Coaches About to lauch my Undead team. This will crush Jame's Gobos and kill Alex's Woodys By Niro Silativ 2019-09-03 19:40:05 Match: The Drunkards (1) vs. Dwarful (0) lost both troll slayers 2019-04-06 12:31:29 Match: Froggy Time (2) vs. Aenarion’s Epic Eliminators (1) 2019-01-30 13:36:17 Match: Froggy Time (3) vs. Aaron's Orcs (0) Let’s hope Aaron doesn’t foul with his Blitzer again 2018-12-09 09:05:03 Match: Aenarion’s Epic Eliminators (3) vs. Norse and Norser (0) What a game! A truly diverse experience full of blocking, passing, dodging and running. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Demo derby 😉 2018-12-05 14:15:40 Match: The Baggies (0) vs. Angels of Annúminas (2) Great game! Bless Annúminas our sacred deity! 2018-10-04 16:57:24 Team news by Angels of Annúminas Stupid goblins, argh! Damn to the people who created you! 2018-10-02 16:42:24 Team news by Angels of Annúminas Bless Annúminas, we have defeated the retched Norsca barbarics! 2018-09-28 15:48:42 Match: Norse and Norser (0) vs. Angels of Annúminas (3) Brilliant match, from both sides It wasn’t a wise choice to have no rerolls - It finished 3-0 to the Angles of Annúminas (Bless Annúminas) ~ diesel out (I am sending a Norse race guide to him) Ok match first in a while but still very fun not great having no re rolls but nice to have one in the second half - Stu 2018-09-27 16:03:03